Industry News: Unchained Labs Acquires Trinean and DropSense UV/Vis Technology

25 Jul 2017

Unchained Labs has recently acquired Trinean. Trinean’s DropSense systems measure protein, DNA and RNA concentration in biologics and genomics samples. This is Unchained Labs’ 5th acquisition in just over 2 years.

DropSense96 can measure up to 96 high concentration protein samples in 5 minutes. Scientists just load 2 microliters of sample into the proprietary DropPlate, put it in the system and that’s it. DropSense systems are a completely worry-free way to measure concentrations — no need to dilute or mix samples, clean anything before or after a run, or calibrate the system.

“Since it started 10 years ago, Trinean has made micro-volume concentration measurements higher throughput and more accessible to life science researchers,” said Philippe Stas, CEO of Trinean. “Unchained Labs is the ideal home for DropSense and this acquisition is great for our customers, partners and employees.”

“These products are a perfect strategic fit for Unchained Labs,” said Tim Harkness, Founder and CEO of Unchained Labs. “Concentration measurement is central to everything our customers do and DropSense96 is the only product in the world that does it for biologics at high concentration with high-throughput.”

In just over 2 years, Unchained Labs has grown to over 130 employees, $35M+ in revenue, 8 product lines and has direct distribution around the world. In connection with this transaction, the company raised $13M in a Series C financing. The original syndicate partners, Novo Ventures, Canaan Partners and TPG Biotech all participated in the financing.