Industry News: Tecan and ProtiFi announce collaborative partnership for integrated proteomics

The combined solution aims to enable researchers to reproducibly prepare samples of all types for mass spectrometry-based proteomics

29 Oct 2020

Tecan and ProtiFi have partnered to create an integrated, highly scalable and easy-to-use proteomics workflow powered by the ProtiFi S-Trap™ sample preparation system and the Tecan Resolvex® A200 automated positive pressure workstation. The combined solution enables researchers to reproducibly prepare samples of all types for mass spectrometry-based proteomics.

Preparing samples for proteomics has traditionally required a time-consuming and error-prone multi-step workflow that, according to literature, causes 75 % of the overall variability in proteomics data. S-Trap sample processing run on the Resolvex A200 solves this problem, allowing researchers to prepare large numbers of proteomics samples rapidly and consistently. The joint system provides researchers with an automated, standardized, and optimized workflow that increases productivity and eliminates the need for method development, enabling users to obtain better results from higher quality, more reproducible and uniform sample preparation.

ProtiFi S-Trap sample processing is a revolutionary plate-based approach that eliminates many of the challenges of proteomics sample preparation, and has been cited hundreds of times in the analysis of samples as diverse as serum and dirt. S-Trap plates capture, concentrate and clean up samples, removing all contaminating molecules, such as detergents, PEG, salts, Laemmli loading buffer and viral transport media. Samples are digested in the plate to generate assay-ready samples in just a few hours. In combination with the compact, benchtop Resolvex A200 positive pressure workstation, this offers affordable and high throughput automated proteomics sample preparation to laboratories for the first time. The Resolvex A200 system uses gas-based positive pressure to deliver maximum process reproducibility and uniformity across columns or wells, and automates accurate liquid dispensing for up to 11 protocol solvents – including the S-Trap denaturation, washing, binding and elution buffers – to ensure efficient clean-up, digestion and elution. The standard S-Trap proteomics protocols come preinstalled on the Resolvex A200 workstation, or users can create custom protocols optimized for unique needs, reducing processing times and enhancing analytical performance.

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