Industry News: Park Systems announces Park FX40, the autonomous AFM with built-in intelligence

The new AFM offers an overhaul in functionality while retaining the same basic design elements

02 Jul 2021

Park Systems, the fastest growing manufacturer of Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) just announced Park FX40, a groundbreaking autonomous atomic force microscope, infused with innovative robotics, intelligent learning features, safety mechanisms, AI-based software and specialized add-ons. Park FX40 Atomic Force Microscope is the first AFM to autonomously execute all up-front set up and scanning processes, putting the intelligent Park FX40 in a groundbreaking new class of atomic force microscope: the Autonomous AFM.

“Unlike current generations of AFM systems, Park FX40 takes care of all the set up before and during scanning:  the probe exchange, probe identification, beam alignment, sample location, tip approach and imaging optimization to name a few. All the tedious and time-consuming manual processes are now a thing of the past,” comments Ryan Yoo, Vice President Product Development. “Park FX40 performs all these tasks autonomously, by integrating AI intelligence into the system and incorporating robotics techniques that Park has mastered with their industry-leading multimillion-dollar automated AFM systems.”

The new Park FX40 Atomic Force Microscope is more than just dozens of new features and upgrades – it’s an overhaul in functionality while retaining the same basic design elements, enabling AFM’s to think and perform essential functions completely on their own.  This will allow untrained researchers to achieve a number of formerly training-intensive tasks, and trained researchers to focus on what they’re best at in their specialized fields, while the menial tasks like choosing and loading the correct probes, to automatically aligning the X, Y and Z beams along the axis, take care of themselves. 
“Park FX 40 features significant enhancements that are completely new tech, never before seen on an AFM,” adds Yoo.  

Furthermore, Park FX40 has drastically upgraded many of the AFM’s key aspects, including electromechanics for much reduced mechanical noise, smaller beam spot size, improved optical vision and multi snap-in sample chuck.  Park FX40 atomic force microscopes are now located at key Park Systems office locations worldwide, and they are now available for purchase.  

"We are thrilled to be the first in North America to experience the Park FX40 Atomic Force Microscope, states James Hone, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University.

“As long-time users of Park AFMs, we are excited about the new features and increased capabilities in this new generation. In particular, the breakthroughs in automation of AFMs using artificial intelligence and robotics technology that will dramatically boost our productivity and drive innovation across the field of nanometrology.”

The Park FX built in intelligence even allows users to place several samples at the onset (of the same or different types) and it will image them autonomously according to your requirements. The result is better research by obtaining publishable data easily and timely, and acceleration of the research cycle for ultimate scientific and engineering success. Furthermore, Park FX40's unique environmental sensing self-diagnostics and head crash avoidance system ensures that Park FX40 continuously operates at its optimum performance. 

In collaboration with the expert scientists at Park’s growing network of nanotechnology research centers worldwide, the product marketing team diligently worked on the design of Park FX over the last year.  "Our scientists recognize the impact AFM has had on nanoscience innovation, allowing researchers to obtain scientific data never before witnessed," comments Dr. Sang-il Park , CEO and Founder of Park Systems.  "Our ultimate goal with developing Park FX with autonomous features is to make the researcher's job easier as they open new doors in scientific discovery."

Known for their commanding lead in semiconductor automated AFM systems, and bringing AFM technology into the mainstream as the premier tool for nanoscale metrology, Park Systems’s latest development of Park FX is part of its natural progression in leading the world in AFM innovation. 

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