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Industry News: Open column vs. flash chromatography: Tradition meets modernity

14 Sep 2023

Register for the upcoming BUCHI webinar and smoothly transition from open column to flash chromatography.

Titled 'Open Column vs. Flash Chromatography: Tradition meets Modernity' BUCHI’s free webinar takes place on September 27th at 11am CET and will delve into the benefits of easily switching from open column to flash chromatography.

During this one-hour session, BUCHI's team of specialists, Birke Götz (Product Manager), Martin Verstegen (Sales Manager), and Björn Brodbeck (Application Chemist), will explain the principles of liquid chromatography, highlighting the pros and cons of open column and flash chromatography.

Register today and gain insights into:

  • The basic principles of liquid chromatography
  • The advantages of column chromatography
  • The benefits of flash chromatography
  • How to perform separations in a more sustainable and efficient way
  • How to smoothly switch from open column to flash chromatography

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