Industry News: KNAUER Will Exhibit at analytica 2016 in Munich the New AZURA HPLC/UHPLC Systems, A New Refractive Index Detector and More Under the Motto “We Separate Stuff!”

Hall A2, Booth 307

03 May 2016

The Berlin based manufacturer of LC instruments will show example systems of the most important application areas: analytical HPLC/UHPLC, preparative HPLC, and Bio LC/FPLC.

The new KNAUER AZURA® Analytical HPLC/UHPLC systems are designed to meet routine separation demands and still enable users to easily adapt to changing requirements.

The combinable AZURA components are reported to enable users to cover one of the widest LC ranges. Compact HPLC for standard tasks, extended range HPLC Plus (max. 700 bar) and UHPLC (max. 1000 bar) with optimized flow paths are said to provide for most sensitive and high resolution analysis. A choice of flow cells and pump heads that differ in performance and material is offered for high application flexibility.

AZURA preparative HPLC systems are available in stainless steel for most tasks or metal-free for biopurification solutions. According to KNAUER the AZURA Prep LC systems for batch HPLC can handle flow rates from 0.1 to 1000 ml/min at pressures of up to 400 bar. Samples can be applied via an integrated injection valve and feed pump. The systems offer options for solvent or peak recycling. The user can choose whether to fractionate via valves or fraction collectors. 

The AZURA Bio LC systems are designed to accelerate or simplify all popular biochromatography techniques used for protein purification such as size exclusion, ion exchange or affinity chromatography. A competitively-priced SEC system is marketed to free the more sophisticated FPLC systems from time-consuming SEC tasks. Reportedly KNAUER can offer bio purification systems from simple to highly-automated, or for maximum throughput. Almost any system can be put together according to customers wishes.

The new refractive index detector AZURA RID 2.1L features a very wide extended dynamic range. It can thus better detect small and big peaks in the same chromatogram than usual. Longevity is achieved by a pressure stable measuring cell and a long-life LED light source. The RID 2.1L can be easily integrated into many chromatography data systems like OpenLAB® EZChrom Edition, ClarityChrom®/Clarity®, Chromeleon® or PurityChrom®. This detector like the other AZURA instruments is said to be also controllable with KNAUER Mobile Control via tablet or PC.

KNAUER will also display LC columns and accessories like the new LC connection system “K-Connect” and more. The company offers a great deal of its products also as an OEM manufacturer.


Live Lab: Wine analysis with Hagen Schlicke in hall A3, booth 546. More information here.


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Presentation by Dr. Kate Monks on Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 at 14:00-14:30 p.m., Hall B2 #433: "Why spatially separate flow cell from detector?"