Industry News: ACEA Biosciences to be Acquired by Agilent Technologies

02 Oct 2018

ACEA Biosciences has announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to join Agilent Technologies, Inc

ACEA Biosciences is a company known for developing highly innovative products, which are used in academia, as well as the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.  In recent years, the ACEA xCELLigence® RTCA technology has blazed a trail in immuno-oncology, pre-clinical drug discovery and development, as well as in basic academic research.  The technology is complemented by the introduction in recent years of the NovoCyte® and NovoCyte Quanteon™ portfolio of high performance bench top flow cytometry systems.

 Both ACEA and Agilent have a great reputation for scientific and technical innovation and for building systems and products of exceptional quality. As part of Agilent, ACEA will be able to leverage an unmatched global infrastructure of service and support, as well as a powerful global marketing and sales engine.  Complementary engineering and scientific expertise from both companies should also provide a rich pipeline of novel systems and products well into the future.

“The analytical instruments, systems, and software developed by ACEA, dovetail perfectly with the strategic vision and mission of Agilent Technologies,” stated Xiao Xu, Chief Executive Officer  of ACEA. “Agilent also has a number of complementary technologies, used in immuno-oncology and drug discovery, which should provide tremendous synergies.”  

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“ACEA represents a unique opportunity for Agilent to expand its team and broaden its portfolio with highly complementary technology, increasing the relevance and impact we can have with our customers in the cell analysis space” said Todd Christian, Vice President & General Manager of Agilent’s Cell Analysis Division. “We share the same passion around the need for and innovation of live-cell, kinetic, and label free approaches to cell analysis extending beyond traditional end-point measurements.  Together, we will be able to offer a more comprehensive and compelling product portfolio to our collective customers.” 

“Agilent and ACEA are aligned with a common mission to provide innovative high-performance solutions that help our customers advance scientific discovery and improve healthcare,” said Xiaobo Wang, President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of ACEA. “We are excited for the opportunities that this unique combination will create for both our employees and our customers.”