Editorial Article: Winners of the 2018 Scientists’ Choice Awards for Life Sciences Announced at AACR

During the American Association for Cancer Research 2018 Annual Meeting, SelectScience recognized cutting-edge products and technologies advancing life sciences research

17 Apr 2018

SelectScience® is delighted to announce the winners of the 2018 Scientists’ Choice Awards® for Life Sciences. Once again, scientists around the globe were invited to participate by nominating, voting and reviewing the best products in the industry. Winners and nominees of these coveted awards were celebrated during a special ceremony held on April 16 at the AACR Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The AACR meeting highlights the best cancer science and medicine from institutions all over the world. Read on to discover the winners of these coveted awards and highlights from this prestigious event.

The Life Sciences Scientists' Choice Awards winners were celebrated during a special event during AACR 2018


Best New Life Sciences Product of 2017

SelectScience revealed TwistDX’s TwistAMP® Liquid Kits as your chosen winner for the Best New Life Sciences Product of 2017, as nominated and voted for by scientists around the world. TwistAMP® Liquid Kits offer a liquid format of the company’s isothermic nucleic acid amplification technology, Recombinase Polymerase Amplification, and are ideal for use in high throughput laboratories or researchers looking to customize assays. The kits, which do not require use of a thermocycler, provide a faster alternative to PCR.

We are deeply honored to accept this award for the Best Life Sciences product as voted for in the SelectScience awards. We would like to thank all of the scientists who have recognized TwistAmp® Liquid as a truly innovative and versatile PCR replacement. We are extremely proud to have won this award in the face of competition from many other established and renowned companies.

Tony Hill

Commercial Director, TwistDX


Do you use TwistAMP® Liquid Kits in your laboratory? Share your thoughts with other scientists by reviewing TwistAMP® Liquid Kits today.

The TwistDX team accepts the award for Best New Life Sciences Product of 2017. Left to right; Oli Stringer (R&D lab assistant), Matt Forrest (lead scientist), Tony Hill (commercial director), Liz Cook (project manager)

Runners Up: 


Reviewers’ Choice Award™ for Life Sciences Product of the Year

The DS-11 FX+ Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer from DeNovix Inc. scooped this award for the second year in a row.  The winning product was also recently announced as a recipient of  a SelectScience Platinum Seal of Quality award.

Kevin Kelley, business director, DeNovix (left), receives the Reviewers’ Choice Awards for Life Sciences Product of the Year


Life Sciences Video of the Year in association with The Scientists' Channel 

In the Life Sciences Video of the Year category, the winning interview features the research of Prof. Steve Hill, Professor of Molecular Pharmacology, and Dr. Laura Kilpatrick, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Nottingham. Watch the video to learn about a novel technique for the characterization of GPCR Protein Ligands using NanoBRET technology from Promega Corp. In the interview, Prof. Hill also explains how he hopes to implement the labelling technology to monitor cancer cells and tumor activity in real-time, which may revolutionize our understanding of tumor biology and cancer drug discovery.  Watch the video interview>>

We are absolutely delighted to learn of this award, particularly because we were both very apprehensive about doing it. We must thank the professionalism and engaging nature of Anita (SelectScience life sciences editor) and her film team for turning it into such a fun day for us and producing a brilliant final product that even we enjoyed watching.

Prof. Steve Hill

University of Nottingham


Neal Cosby, strategic marketing manager, bioassays and drug development, of Promega, accepts the Video of the Year award from life sciences editor Anita Ramanathan


Life Sciences Article of the Year

An interview with Dr. Min Tang-Schomer, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, on personalizing cancer therapy via the use of 3D bioengineered brains was awarded the Scientists’ Choice award for Life Sciences Article of the Year. The piece details the development of a personalized brain tumor models for pediatric neuro-oncology studies, validated using antibodies from BioLegend, Inc. 

Dr. Min Tang- Schomer, assistant professor at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and University of Connecticut Health Center, receives the Article of the Year Award


Life Sciences Webinar of the Year

The IncuCyte webinar, Real-time Live-Cell Analysis for Immunologists: Deriving deeper biological insight & improving productivity in immune-cell biology, presented by Dr Del Trezise, won the award for Life Sciences Webinar of the Year. The webinar highlights the power of real-time live-cell analysis for immunologists.

Nicola Bevan, Essen BioScience, receives the webinar of the year award


Life Sciences Email of the Year

The Life Sciences Email of the Year Award was presented to Mettler-Toledo International Inc. for their highly informative ’Life Sciences Toolbox’ email, featuring multiple guides and posters on the key techniques of pipetting, spectrophotometry and pH measurement. 

Andrea Leiser, Head of Group Communications & Laboratory Division Marketing, commented, "We at METTLER TOLEDO truly appreciate having been recognized with the 'Life Science Email of the Year' award. Most important, we are pleased to provide the Life Science Toolbox to help the life science community. We are looking forward to provide further valuable content in the future, in order to bring advantages to researchers and scientists around the world." 

A snapshot of Mettler-Toledo's award-winning email


Visit the Scientists' Choice Awards website for more information. For news, live updates and interviews from the expo, visit the AACR 2018 Special Feature.