Editorial Article: Trending in Lab Essentials: Reducing Hands-On Time for Basic Processes in Your Lab

Free up your time in the lab for the work that really matters

01 Jul 2019

We all wish we had a little more time to focus on the work that really makes a difference. Whether due to something unexpected happening, too many fiddly admin tasks or just because things don’t go quite as smoothly as you’d hoped, time always seems to have a way of getting away from you.  It’s clear that you can never be prepared enough, so we’ve put together a collection of resources to help you speed up your processes, improve efficiency and optimize some of the tasks that are often a drain on your precious time in the lab.

Solvent Evaporation Masterclass


Introduction to Solvent Evaporation

While solvent removal is an intrinsic step in so many applications, it’s rare to find an evaporation expert in a laboratory, and many facilities use systems that are slow and cumbersome simply because they have always been used. With the technologies available today there is no reason why evaporation should be either complex or labor-intensive, and changing practices can result in benefits in throughput and quality of results. 

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Improve Your Evaporation Efficiency

Make the most of your time in the lab by keeping your evaporation processes as efficient as possible. This poster presents several top tips, including the optimal pressures, rotation speeds and flasks to use with your systems.

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Productivity Handbook for Industrial Evaporation

Achieve the best results and performance for your application with some handy expert advice. This interactive guide provides a wide range of general recommendations for your industrial evaporation.

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Overcoming the Challenges of Nucleic Acid and Protein Analysis


Extract Smarter – A New and Smarter Method for Automated DNA and RNA Extraction 

There are many challenges in extracting and isolating DNA and RNA, such as low yields, low DNA/RNA quality and low reproducibility of results. This can be particularly frustrating when dealing with high volume samples. In this webinar, automation and extraction experts form Analytik Jena show how automation can solve some of these challenges, by minimizing human error and unifying sample preparation and pipetting conditions. 

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A Total Solution to Overcome Current Challenges in Amino Acid Analysis

Accurate and precise quantitation of protein is key to understanding and monitoring cell function as proteins play a vital role in a variety of physiological mechanisms. Learn how a new LC-MS based amino acid analysis kit from Waters could help you overcome many of the traditional challenges of protein quantitation to produce high-quality, repeatable and trusted results from physiological samples, in a high- or low throughput setting.

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Get the Rundown on Your Protein with Same-Time Quality & Concentration Measurements

Collecting quantification and characterization data of biologics often requires a large amount of protein and multiple instruments. See how Lunatic makes batch-wise concentration measurements simple by using just 2 µL of sample and eliminating dilution steps and cross-contamination risks, in this free on-demand webinar.

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Balancing the Scales


Everything Different, Nothing Changes: Redefinition of the SI Unit Kilogram

In 1889, the first General Conference of Weights and Measures (GCPM) adopted the International Prototype Kilogram (IPK) as the definition for the unit, which has remained unchanged until now. During the past few years, Mettler-Toledo has participated in several partnerships that have contributed to the newly established and highly stable kilogram definition. The 1 kg redefinition is part of the biggest overhaul of the International System of Units (SI) since its inception in 1960.

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Expert Q&A Guide for Laboratory Balances and Scales

This comprehensive guide answers some of the most common questions you may have around balances and scales, from choosing the right system for your application to the routine operation and maintenance of any existing equipment in your lab.

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