Editorial Article: Pesticides & Contamination: SelectScience Special Feature

From potency testing and profiling to multi-residue and trace-level detection, find out the latest techniques and technologies advancing the field of pesticide and contaminant testing

06 Apr 2020

Pesticides and contaminants SelectScience special feature 2020
Cannabis leaves - SelectScience Pesticides & Contaminants special feature 2020

Competitive potency testing and profiling

In the highly competitive cannabis testing market, labs that can expand services while decreasing costs have a strong advantage. In this application note, discover a method designed for increased cannabinoid analysis speed, expanded analyte lists, and reduced solvent costs. Download here>>


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Apples - SelectScience Pesticides & Contaminants special feature 2020

A novel method for trace-level detection of pesticides

Explore a novel surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy method involving gold nanoparticles suspended in water that can be used to help identify four different pesticides (thiram, malathion, acetamiprid, and phosmet) on apple skin. Download here>>


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Meat - SelectScience Pesticides & Contaminants special feature 2020

Multi-class, multi-residue analysis in high-lipid food samples

Complex samples that are high in lipid content pose one of the greatest challenges in pesticide residue analysis. In this application note, discover a streamlined method for pesticide residue analysis in complex, high-lipid food samples. Download here>>


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Hear from the cannabis experts:

Discover the latest interviews with leading scientists in pesticide and contamination research below:

  • How to meet the strict requirements for edibles analysis: Dr. Rob O’Brien, CEO and CSO of Supra Research and Development, gives insight into the current regulatory challenges and breakthrough methods for cannabis testing in chocolate for the Canadian market.  Watch the interview >>
  • Solvent extraction and GC analysis of pesticides: In this video, scientists from Restek explain a simple workflow for the accurate analysis of pesticides in cannabis products by means of solvent extraction and GC analysis. Watch the interview >>
  • The increasing demand for patient safety: Learn how one diagnostic testing company in the U.S. is meeting the increasing demand for patient safety and quality assurance in the ‘wild west’ of medical cannabis. Read full interview>>

Useful resources:

From food and beverage to cannabis testing, download the latest guides to support your research here:

  • Analysis of multi-residue pesticides in salmon. Download method>>
  • Quantitation of pesticides in strawberries at tolerance levels established by the US EPA. Download method>>
  • Analysis of challenging pesticides in the cannabis and hemp industry. Download method>>
  • Leachable-free pipette tips for analytical cannabis testing. Download method>>
  • Residual pesticide analysis using atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (ACPI) and LCMS. Download method>>
  • Increasing productivity in pesticide residue analysis by GC-MS and LC-MS. Download method>>

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Don't just take our word for it, see what researchers around the world are saying about the products they use! Patrick Miller, Quality Assurance Officer at Edge Analytical, Inc., shared his opinion of the GC/MS/MS Pesticides Analyzer by Agilent Technologies:

Patrick Miller - GC.MS/MS Pesticides Analyzer review - SelectScience Pesticides & Contaminants special feature 2020

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