Editorial Article: Scientists’ Choice Award® for Best New Clinical Laboratory Product Announced at AACC

SelectScience is delighted to present Beckman Coulter with the award for Best New Clinical Laboratory Product of 2014

30 Jul 2015

The Scientists' Choice Award® for the Best New Clinical Laboratory Product of 2014 was presented to Beckman Coulter
About the SelectScience Scientists' Choice Awards

SelectScience, an independent, expert-led scientific review resource for the worldwide scientific community, began the Scientists’ Choice Awards® in 2007 to enable scientists to voice their opinions on the best laboratory products. Once a year, SelectScience invites members to nominate their favorite products of the year in each category. For more information, visit www.scientistschoiceawards.com

SelectScience has announced the Beckman Coulter Diagnostics Access AMH Assay as the winner of the 2015 Scientists’ Choice Award® for the Best New Clinical Laboratory Product of 2014. The winning product is an innovative automated anti-Müllerian hormone test that is helping to improve fertility assessment and treatment. The award was presented to Beckman Coulter at AACC, in Atlanta, GA, USA.

This year’s award, nominated and voted by scientists and healthcare professionals around the world, celebrates the new products that have significantly contributed towards clinical laboratory efforts in 2014.

Nominees for Best New Clinical Laboratory Product of 2014:

A  fully-automated HbA1c test providing fast, accurate results, helping laboratories to manage increased demand for diabetes testing.

A rapid diagnostic, molecular test capable of detecting and differentiating influenza A and B virus in less than 15 minutes.

A newly released and most comprehensive hematology quality control (QC) solution on the market to date.

An easy to use, fast, compact molecular diagnostic platform, designed for on-demand testing in physician clinics, pharmacies and hospital lab settings.

Engineered for continuous operation and timely, accurate results, the XPT is designed to help laboratories meet expanding workloads.

Sonia Nicholas, SelectScience's Clinical Diagnostics Editor, said: “We are delighted to recognize the new products that have made a real difference to clinical laboratory work in 2014. Innovative products for the clinical laboratory enhance lab efficiency and productivity, and most importantly, improve patient care. The new ACCESS AMH Assay enables laboratories to support global fertility testing and treatment, by making it even easier to deliver fast, reliable results."