Editorial Article: New special feature: Advance your 3D cell culture research with these top resources

Explore exclusive interviews, new methods, and free download to help optimize your 3D cell culture

12 Oct 2020

In this article, as part of our new special feature, we look at how 3D cell culture is being used to combat a range of ailments, from cancer to neurological disorders, and provide a series of resources to help you achieve robust and reliable 3D cell culture, whatever your application.

CANCER RESEARCH: Unique 3D cell culture models to combat liver cancer

In this exclusive SelectScience interview, Dr. Carlemi Calitz, Uppsala University, shares how Thermo Fisher Scientific helped achieve her hepatocellular carcinoma research breakthrough.


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ECM ENVIRONMENT: 3D plates for high-throughput assays

This application note demonstrates how Corning's pre-coated Matrigel Matrix-3D Plates provide the robustness and consistency needed for easier, higher-throughput workflows.


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3D SPHEROID SCREENING: Rapid screening using a panel of 200 cell lines

Explore the 3D OncoSignature™ service from Horizon Discovery enabling 3D spheroids screenings to identify cancer therapeutics in relevant cellular environments.


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MICROFLUIDICS: Maintain in vivo-like culture for live-cell imaging

Discover a novel, microfluidic-based live-cell imaging platform from MilliporeSigma that enables the precise and on-demand control of experimental microenvironmental parameters.


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CULTURE PLATES: Step into the future with 3D cell culture spheroids

Learn more about 3D culture and how it produces more physiologically relevant results when compared to traditional 2D cell culture, as well as the 3D culture solutions available from PHCbi.


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MEDIA EXCHANGE: Eliminate the risk of accidental spheroid removal

Learn how to effectively perform media exchanges, without disturbing unattached 3D spheroids in microplate wells, with this walkaway solution for long-term experimental procedures from BioTek.


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QUALITY CONTROL:  Rapid and accurate QC for any cell-based assay

Download your essential guide to performing optimized quality control for all your cell-based assays and achieve more accurate data collection with expert insight from Bertin Instruments.


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FILTRATION: How to save precious time with the right filtration device

Find out how you can achieve faster total filtration times and average flow rates, whilst maintaining media pH, with the Nalgene Rapid-Flow Sterile Single-Use Filter Units from Thermo Fisher Scientific.


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ORGANOIDS: The importance of growth factor bioactivity and reagent consistency

Discover Bio-Techne's portfolio of recombinant proteins, growth factors, and reagents designed for high performance and consistency during organoid culture, expansion, and passaging.


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Exclusive videos:

  • Rapid drug screening: Discover how Dr. David Donner,  Director of the Surgical Oncology Research Lab at the University of California, uses drug-dispensing technology and patient-derived organoids to enable vital research into liver malignancies. Watch video>>
  • Anti-cancer therapeutics:  Hear from zPREDICTA CEO and founder Julia Kirshner, as she discusses the benefits of using Tecan's D300e Digital Dispenser to develop laboratory models for more accurate testing of anti-cancer therapeutics. Watch video>>
  • Neurological disorders: Discover how organoid models could be used in the research of neurological disorders such as autism and schizophrenia, in this expert webinar. Watch video>>
  • 3D cell culture analysis: Watch this video to discover how the use of 3D cell cultures is enabling more effective and safer drugs to be discovered early on in the development process. Watch video>>

Other resources:

  • 3D cell models: This guide provides an overview of the cell lines, culture conditions, and analysis techniques that are being used in the transition from 2D to 3D cell models. Download Guide>>
  • High-content imaging: Read this eBook to learn how to capture in-depth and high-quality images of spheroids, stem cells, organs-on-chips and whole organisms. Download eBook>>
  • Spheroid imaging: Learn about cancer cell spheroid production, followed by protocols for staining and imaging these spheroids for use in multi-parameter cytotoxicity studies. Download method>>

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