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Editorial Article: Meet the winners of the 2021 Scientists’ Choice Awards for Life Sciences

Scientific, technological and communications excellence has been celebrated at the Virtual Cancer and Immunology Research Summit, with Logos Biosystems, INTEGRA Biosciences and Sartorius among those recognized

11 May 2021

LUNA-FX7™ automated cell counter from Logos Biosystems wins Best New Life Sciences Product 

The world’s most innovative and effective life science technologies have been recognized at the SelectScience® Virtual Cancer and Immunology Research Summit 2021. Winners of the 2021 Scientists’ Choice Awards® were announced live by SelectScience CEO Kerry Parker and Editor Dr. Lois Manton-O'Byrne to an online audience of industry leaders and scientists.

Now in their 14th year, the awards are unique in the industry as they are chosen by scientists. Each year, we invite scientists around the globe to participate by nominating, reviewing and voting for the lab products that have had the greatest impact on to their work. This year more scientists than ever got involved — read on to reveal their chosen winners.

Best New Life Sciences Product 

The award for Best New Life Sciences Product of 2020 goes to the LUNA-FX7™ automated cell counter from Logos Biosystems, as voted for by scientists around the world. 

The LUNA-FX7™ is the most powerful cell counter and the newest in Logos Biosystems LUNA™ Cell Counter family, offering 1, 3 and 8-chamber slide options, state of the art optics, dual fluorescent and brightfield detection, precision autofocus, and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

The runners-up are: 

Reviewers’ Choice Life Sciences Company of the Year

This year’s coveted Reviewers’ Choice Award for Life Sciences Company of the Year goes to INTEGRA Biosciences in acknowledgment of the consistently positive feedback it has received from scientists sharing their opinions via reviews on the SelectScience website over the past year.

Reviewers’ Choice Life Sciences Customer Service of the Year

In recognition of receiving consistently positive after-sales feedback from scientists around the globe via SelectScience reviews, Logos Biosystems takes home the customer service award. 

Life Sciences Reviewer of the Year 

Dr. Noelle Cutter, Associate Professor and Director of the First Year Experience at New York's Molloy College

Communication in science has never been more important. Each month, hundreds of scientists share their opinions and experiences of lab products through reviews on SelectScience and these awards would not be possible without this valuable input.

This new award goes to someone we consider to be a real champion of science communication: Dr. Noelle Cutter, Associate Professor and Director of the First Year Experience at New York's Molloy College, TedX speaker, SelectScience reviewer, and also a speaker at the Virtual Cancer and Immunology Research Summit. Find out why Dr. Cutter believes lab product reviews are so important to the industry in this short video>>

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Life Sciences Video Interview of the Year 

This year’s winning video ‘How to detect cancer in vivo using nanoparticles’ was an interview with Dr. Fay Nicolson, from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School. 

In this video, produced in association with HORIBA Scientific, Nicolson shares how she uses nanoparticles to precisely image cancer in preclinical animal models and explains why the lack of harmful, ionizing radiation makes Raman spectroscopy the technique of choice over other existing methods such as PET and CT scans. "A big thanks to Fay for presenting this work that used our Raman spectrometer, the LabRAM Soleil", commented Ludivine Fromentoux, Global Product manager Raman at HORIBA Scientific, "Our wish is to be close to our customers, to listen to them and to understand their needs in order to co-construct a solution that will enable them to better understand and improve their work. Finally, we want to say thanks to SelectScience for its information broadcasting solution and all the people who have seen this video."

Life Sciences Application eBook of the Year

The life sciences eBook of the Year Award goes to Sartorius for ‘Immune cell characterization: Flow cytometry explained’. This application compendium presents a guide to using flow cytometry to investigate T cell phenotype and function, providing effective ways to overcome T cell exhaustion and the latest methods to improve adoptive T cell therapy workflows.

Life Sciences Editorial Article of the Year 

This year’s winning article is titled ‘Targeting colorectal disease through patient-derived colon cancer organoids’ and features technology from Corning Life Sciences

In this exclusive interview, Dr. Asunción Fernández-Barral, Instituto de Investigaciones Biomedicas "Alberto Sols", CIBERONC, discusses her research into the regulatory role of vitamin D in relation to human colon stem cells and its implications in colorectal cancer.

“We are so pleased to hear that the article we worked on with Dr. Asunción Fernández-Barral has won the SelectScience Scientists' Choice Award for Life Sciences Article of the Year. Working with our customers to highlight the critical research and breakthroughs made possible in the lab using 3D cell culture techniques is one of the most rewarding parts of our work. We are so pleased that our 3D cell culture tools, like Corning® Matrigel® matrix, can play a role in supporting important research, like that of Dr. Asunción Fernández-Barral, around the world.”

Nicole Athanas, Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Corning Life Sciences

Life Sciences Webinar of the Year

This year’s winner of Webinar of the Year was presented by Dr. Petter Brodin, associate professor, Director of SciLifeLab Mass Cytometry Facility, in association with Olink Proteomics

The webinar, titled ‘A systems-level approach to understanding the immunology of COVID-19 in adults and children’ and now available on demand, presents important new insights into the immune system responses to SARS-CoV-2 infection, from recent studies from Dr. Brodin's group at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

Life Sciences Email of the Year

Thermo Fisher Scientific is the winner of Life Sciences Email of the Year for the email ‘A quick and reliable way to study cytokine storm biomarkers’. The winning email features an inflammatory response pathway infographic.

Visit the Scientists’ Choice Awards website for more information

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