Editorial Article: Could This Multi-Channel pH Meter Give Your Lab its Best Results Ever?

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17 Oct 2018

Sketch of showing measuring cylinder, pH meter, test tubes, litmus paper and goggles.

Deciding on a new benchtop meter for pH measurements is an important decision for any lab, especially for applications requiring the maximum measurement accuracy. Whilst traditional pH meters enable singular pH measurements, it is sometimes important to have more flexibility in your measurements. The SevenExcellence is an example of a multi-channel instrument which enables the measurement of up to three parameters simultaneously. 

SevenExcellence pH Meter, with interactive display on white background.


In this interview, Silvan Luethi, global product manager, Mettler Toledo International, outlines the advantages of the SevenExcellence pH meter and how it could make a real difference to results and efficiency in your laboratory.


SS: What distinguishes SevenExcellence from other pH meters?

SL: SevenExcellence is a revolutionary lab bench instrument which supports pH, conductivity, ORP, DO and ion measurements by using modular measurements modules. It fits up to three measurements modules in any composition and order. Even with this very high flexibility, thanks to the touchscreen operation and the provided method concept, it is still easy to operate.

SS: How does SevenExcellence increase efficiency?

SL: The method concept of SevenExcellence really makes the difference. A method is a defined sequence of analysis steps, which can be started with a single click. Using a method helps to make sure that a particular analysis is always performed with the identical settings. So, no time is wasted on checking whether the right settings are being used. To further increase efficiency, the SevenExcellence supports the InMotion autosampler, which allows measuring of more than 300 samples, fully automated, with the benefit that process order and transcription errors are completely eliminated.

SS: How does SevenExcellence fit into the LabX software?

SL: The pH value is often a key analysis in regulated laboratories. LabX PC software provides centralized and secure data and resource management, as well as helpful tools to optimize your workflow. LabX supports your pH measurements to be fully compliant with regulatory standards such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11. Especially for automated pH measurements where a bigger number of results are generated, software support is required to handle this amount of data.

SS: The SevenExcellence has a clear interface — what difference will this make to laboratories?

SL: The capacitive 7-inch touchscreen, with clear buttons and an intuitive menu structure, makes the instrument's operation fast and easy. The menus exist in 10 languages and do not contain a single cryptic expression. Thanks to the OneClick feature, your analysis is started with one single click only.


More information about the SevenExcellence can be found on its product page.