Special Feature: Advance your research into the pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer

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17 Mar 2021

Top resources in cancer research

For this new special feature, we’ve pulled together a selection of the top new resources to support and advance your work in cancer research. Find out how live-cell imaging is accelerating the discovery of novel cancer therapies, discover the innovative microfluidic technology enhancing cancer diagnostics, explore the LC/MS metabolomics-based approaches elucidating cancer pathogenesis, and much more.

Revolutionary insight into cancer hallmarks

Find out how real-time live-cell imaging and analysis, using Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis Systems from Sartorius, is playing a major role in the elucidation of cancer biology and the evaluation of potential therapeutics.

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Ultra-rapid and flexible IHC/IF staining made easy

Discover LabSat® Research from Epredia, an automated staining platform based on innovative microfluidic technology that delivers fast, precise, and reproducible staining cycles to enhance your cancer research.

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Uncover tumor microenvironment secrets with metabolomics

Dr. Chris Halbrook discusses his work using LC/MS metabolomics-based approaches to help manage pancreatic cancer pathogenesis and ultimately improve patient welfare.

Virtual Cancer and Immunology Research Summit  

Book your place at the SelectScience Virtual Cancer and Immunology Research Summit 2021 for free access to expert presentations, live Q&As, virtual resources hubs, and dedicated networking sessions.

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Decoding cancer pathogenesis and overcoming drug resistance 

Dr. Komal Kumar Javarappa shares insights from the multidisciplinary forefront of immuno-oncology, where translational biologists race against time to optimize new cancer therapies.

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Essential user guide to live-cell analysis 

Discover the best live-cell imaging technologies available, as recommended by researchers in the field, and find out more about its application in cancer research.  

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Discover the scientists advancing cancer research on The Scientists' Channel

Hear from cancer research experts such as Dr. Aleksandra Dukic and Dr. Gerhard Bauer on The Scientists' Channel
  • Limiting glioblastoma invasion in the brain: Dr. Aleksandra Dukic, postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital, discusses how she is investigating novel gap junction inhibitors for use in sensitizing glioblastoma cells to chemotherapy. Watch here >> 
  • The incubation technology accelerating CAR-T cell therapy development: Dr. Gerhard Bauer, Professor of Hematology and Oncology and Director of the GMP lab at the UC Davis Institute, reveals the secrets to success in his work on the production of CAR-T cells. Watch here >>

More resources for cancer research

  • Metabolomics for cancer research: In this free webinar, Dr. Mattia Zampieri will outline the role of large-scale profiling in the study of aberrant transcriptional regulation and cancer metabolic rewiring. Register now>>
  • CAR-T cell therapy workflow solutions: Optimize your CAR-T cell therapy workflows with this how-to guide, including guidance on in vitro assays, sample preparation, CAR construct delivery, and QC. Download eBook>>
  • PARP inhibitors: A new frontier in the battle against cervical cancer: Dr. Santu Saha shares his team’s groundbreaking work to develop improved cancer treatments that avoid the side effects of traditional chemotherapy. Read article>>
  • SelectScience Drug Discovery & Development Webinar Series: In this series of webinars, discover the latest techniques and technologies helping researchers advance their drug discovery and development workflows. Learn more>>
  • Next-generation sequencing cancer solution: In this application note, Agilent outlines NGS reagents and software to help identify and characterize genes of interest in cancer. Download method>>

Your recommendations

Take a look at what other researchers and scientists all over the world are saying about the latest equipment and technologies in cancer research. Dr. Daniel Rabe, from Massachusetts General Hospital, shared his opinion on the Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System from Sartorius