Editorial Article: 6 top reasons why scientists read reviews on SelectScience

Find out how unbiased lab product reviews are changing the world of science - and why not get involved yourself?

06 Dec 2021

Who doesn’t read the reviews before booking a restaurant or making an online purchase? Well, science is no different. In fact, for an industry built on the value of peer review, if anything, it could be argued that they are more influential in science than anywhere else — our own research shows that 96% of scientists expect to read independent reviews and testimonials prior to purchase of new lab products or services. 

Scientific progress depends on effective communication and it will come as no surprise that our No. 1 goal here at SelectScience is to promote this by connecting scientists and manufacturers globally. We provide an independent platform for unbiased, fully moderated lab product reviews that scientists all over the world can benefit from as they seek out the best equipment to accelerate their work.  

Below, in their own words, find out the key reasons why scientists love reading reviews on SelectScience. Why not get involved and write your own lab product review today? If you move quickly, you can enter our big festive giveaway for your chance to win an exclusive festive sweater>>

1. For unrivaled insight

 Reviews on SelectScience are important to help paint a more complete picture of the usability and reliability of instrumentation and services in a wide variety of scientific fields. The ability to use this channel for scientists around the world to voice their opinions provides invaluable information. Both users and vendors can take advantage of the reviews to make better informed decisions and aid in continuous improvement.

Mann Tatt Tam

The City of Calgary


2. To find the best products

 I think reviews are important because they help other people in the scientific community find the most appropriate equipment for their work. Reviews have helped me ensure that the equipment in my lab is the best quality.  

Aimee Cory

      Quaker Houghton

SelectScience winners
Some of our latest competition winners

3.  To solve problems

 SelectScience reviews are important as they provide an impartial way to solve every day practical questions, cases or small problems between specialists and quickly share practical experience without expected material benefits. Expert opinion - for free. 

Krum Bardarov

Sofia University


4. To avoid wasting money

 There are so many different laboratory products on the market, and it can be hard to choose what is best. These products are also often very expensive, so reviews help scientists choose what is best for them, which helps to avoid wasting money on the wrong product.

Abigail Carruthers

     Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

SelectScience provides scientists with a platform to share and read unbiased opinions on the latest technologies

5. To gain knowledge

 SelectScience provides a unique platform to decide the workflow with ease by getting exposure to choose the best instruments and reagents for your experiments and lab, which is very unique and useful for the larger community to improve their work environment and knowledge at a bigger scale. 

Neha Mittal

University of North Carolina

6. To improve results

 Experience is the best teacher. I love taking reviews from users of equipment and products rather than manufacturers, which will give light to better results in our lab.

Abdullahi Magaji Dauda

University of Bradford


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