Editorial Article: 12 top technology news stories from Pittcon 2021

A selection of the big stories and technological innovations from this year’s virtual Pittcon conference

12 Mar 2021

Pittcon 2021 went online for the first time in its history

This year’s Pittcon was adapted from its usual face-to-face format and held online as a virtual conference, for the first time in its history. The event promised to showcase the latest in laboratory science, while continuing to bring together top researchers and innovators to advance and facilitate scientific collaboration — something that’s needed more than ever during the ongoing pandemic. 

Speakers at this year’s event covered topics from forensic toxicology to cannabis and public health, as well as talks on next-generation imaging and the chemistry of beer and brewing. Over 170 manufacturers exhibited their latest technological advances and products via virtual booths, demos and video presentations from technical experts.

Exhibitors included Thermo Fisher Scientific who showcased some of the latest LC-MS technologies and Shimadzu who introduced multiple advancements in high-performance chromatography.  Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. (ACD/Labs) highlighted products such as the Luminata software platform for process and analytical impurity control and presented solutions for data processing and interpretation, with talks from the company covering digital strategy, chromatographic simulation and 3D optimization.

In this news roundup, we pull together 12 of the top technology stories from the show.  

1. ZEISS compact microscope simplifies digital teaching and daily lab work

2. Shimadzu introduces high-sensitivity online total organic carbon analyzer for ultra-pure water measurement

3. WITec ParticleScout enhanced with new features

4. Miele lab glassware washers earn ACT label certification

5. Renishaw adds focus-tracking, reaction monitoring, and particle analysis to key Raman products

6. Thermo Fisher Scientific gas chromatography high-resolution mass spectrometer offers new standard of performance for research laboratories

7. Metrohm presents Misa – a new, portable food analysis system

8. Malvern Panalytical’s new Aeris: a compact XRD system making a big impact

9. Thermo Fisher Scientific's new, online 2D-LC system empowers scientists to confidently characterize complex samples

10. Shimadzu's new integrated high-performance liquid chromatographs incorporate intelligent automation for higher efficiency and productivity

11. SCP Science introduces MultiVIEW with AutoLOADER

12. Thermo Fisher Scientific's easy-to-use reversed-phase capillary columns and emitters improve high-resolution LC-MS analysis

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