Editorial Article: 10 Top Technical Webinars.... #8 was the Most Washed*

Discover 10 wonderful webinars popular with scientists across the globe in 2017 — and watch them on demand

27 Feb 2018


2017 was a great year for webinars at SelectScience®. In total, we ran 37 webinars over the course of the year, spanning across our different scientific communities, helping scientists like you learn new methods and techniques from leading experts in the field.

Our technical webinars provide an educational platform for members to learn about the most current and effective techniques for a variety of applications, as well as tips and tricks from world-leading application scientists to help you overcome complications in your lab. 

Below, we’ve highlighted 10 of our top performing webinars, not to be missed:


1. Stay safe in the laboratory 

Are you looking to keep your lab safe? Then this webinar is for you. Annett Schneider, safety and essential global product manager at Merck, illustrates how safety can easily be optimized by combining perfectly matching components: solvents - packaging - withdrawal system - safety accessories. She discusses basic safety risks and rules for regular solvents handling and how to improve daily processes in regard to personal safety. Watch the webinar here>>>


2. UV/VIS in life sciences explored

Want to know what UV-Vis spectrometer applications are relevant for the life science laboratory? In the webinar, Dr. Derek C. Lenz,  UV-VIS technology and applications consultant at Mettler-Toledo, reviews the most relevant applications of UV-Vis spectrometry for life sciences and gives hints and tips for optimizing measurement accuracy. Watch the webinar here>>>


3. UHPLC analysis solutions

Need guidance with your UHPLC? In this webinar, Scott Krepich, senior field application scientist at Phenomenex, gives advice to analysts on UHPLC techniques, explaining what columns are applicable for your method development needs, giving tips based on recent industry-specific application work and further providing important and useful method screening and development strategies. Watch the webinar here>>>

4. Why water purity really matters 

Ever had a week where your experiments just will not work? Perhaps you’re forgetting something? In this webinar, Dr. Estelle Riche, senior application scientist at Merck, explains the potential impact of water impurity on your experiments, how to identify contaminants in your lab's water and how to obtain the best water quality in your lab. Watch the webinar here>>>


5. Membranes masterclass

You might be surprised by how much a liquid sample can tell you about its microbiological content! Over the years, membrane filtration has become a standard for microbial enumeration of colonies in the pharmaceutical and beverage industries. In this webinar, Tommaso Ronconi, in-process testing global product manager at Merck, outlines how membranes are made and the performance variation, which membranes are suitable for which applications and how to deal with hard-to-filter matrices and antibiotics. Watch the webinar here>>>

6. Real-time analysis of cellular phagocytosis

Alongside intense efforts to exploit T cells as immunotherapies for cancer, other immune cell types for novel targets are being considered, including the enhancement of macrophage function via inhibitors of CD47 “don’t-eat-me” signaling proteins, enabling tumor cells to evade clearance by neighbouring phagocytes. In this webinar, Dr. Tim Dale, co-founder of Essen BioSciences, discusses novel, direct and validated live-cell assays for identifying CD47 and phagocyte modulators. In particular, he explains how real-time live-cell analysis using pH-sensitive fluorescent probe-labeled target cells can be used to visualize and quantify phagocytosis. Watch the webinar here>>>

7. Characterizing glycoproteins

Are you looking for help on how to characterize glycoproteins and their interactions with therapeutic or target proteins? In this webinar, Dr. Daniel Some, principal scientist at Wyatt Technology, presents two techniques for the absolute determination and characterization of glycoproteins: size-exclusion chromatography multi-angle light scattering ultraviolet refractive index (SEC-MALS-UV-RI) and composition gradient multi-angle light scattering (CG-MALS). He also discusses the limitations of analytical SEC and native PAGE for characterizing glycol proteins and how SEC-MALs and CG-MALs improve upon these techniques. Watch the webinar here>>>


8. Keep it clean 

*Pun intended. In this webinar, Annett Schneider, safety and essential global product manager at Merck, explains how residue-free cleaning is essential for reliable processes in both laboratory and production facilities, illustrating ways to improve cleaning process effectiveness with a view to helping you achieve reliable analytical results. Watch the webinar here>>>


9. Live-cell analysis for immunologists

In this webinar, Dr. Del Trezise, co-founder of Essen BioSciences, discusses how immunologists can effectively use real-time live-cell analysis, using automated time-lapse imaging for the kinetic quantification of and functional analysis of immune cells, giving a number of case studies including T cell proliferation and clustering, phagocytosis, chemotaxis, cytolysis and viral infection assays. Watch the webinar here>>>


10. Quantitating your NMR

Are you in need of an alternative method for quantifying your sample? In this webinar, Dr. Clemens Anklin, vice-president of NMR applications at Bruker, presents how NMR can be used to quantify a material, discussing the key parameters and experimental conditions that need to be controlled for accurate results. Watch the webinar here>>>


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