Editorial Article: The Particle Analyzers Advancing Life Science Research

Scientists share how automated cell counting is revolutionizing research

28 Dec 2017

Technology that automates cell counting provides scientists with the ability to expand analyses to detect thousands of cells in one reading, making precious time savings and preventing the risk of human error associated with laborious manual hemocytometer-based methods. Beckman Coulter is a leader in technology for this purpose and offers a range of cell counters and particle analyzers suitable for the accurate analysis of any cell type, as well as the analysis of other particles for a broad range of applications including cell biology, biopharmaceuticals, the brewing industry, material analysis, and environment monitoring.



Based on Coulter Principle technology, instruments in the Multisizer range of analyzers quantitatively count and size cells and particles between 0.2 µm to 1600 µm at very high resolution in a single measurement. This enables fast analysis of cell concentration and viability for consistent accurate data. Here, we share the opinions of scientists working in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry, to learn how these analyzers are improving their research.


Mark Parkinson, of Covance Laboratories, uses the Multisizer 4e Coulter Counter in pharmaceutical analysis.

Reproducible, fast and reliable. This has saved our lab a lot of time.

Mark Parkinson

Covance Laboratories


Dr. Yuling Wu, of Medimmune, uses the Vi-CELL® XR Cell Viability Analyzer in cell culture for translational research.

This product saves lots of time and is less laborious. It is more efficient than manual cell counting. This is an example of evolution in the cell culture field.

Dr. Yuling Wu




Dr. Elizabeth Tovar, of Wayne State University, uses the Vi-CELL® XR Cell Viability Analyzer in tissue culture and for downstream assays.

This is a very high-end, easy-to-use product that makes counting cells so much easier than a hemocytometer! One of the best pieces of equipment in our lab..

Dr. Elizabeth Tova

Wayne State University


Find out more about the Vi-CELL® XR Cell Viability Analyzer and the Multisizer 4e Coulter Cell and Particle Analyzer.

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