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Special Feature: New resources to advance your COVID-19 research

Discover the latest technologies and techniques to aid research into the biology, detection, and prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infection

16 Feb 2021

COVID-19: A new generation of research

As a leading digital science publisher, SelectScience is committed to playing its part in the global effort to tackle COVID-19 by promoting communication, knowledge share, and technology solutions. As part of our new special feature, COVID-19: A new generation of research, we've pulled together a selection of top new resources to support research into the biology, detection, and prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Gain insight into why symptoms are so varied, learn how to detect and tackle new variants, explore the link between cytokine research syndrome and severe infection outcomes, watch relevant webinars, explore top COVID-19 research news, and more.

Arvind Kothandaraman

EXPERT INSIGHT: How to tackle the emerging COVID-19 variants

Learn more about SARS-CoV-2 mutations and how to manage the associated challenges using PerkinElmer’s tools, in this interview with specialty diagnostics leader Arvind Kothandaraman.


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Glycosylation of the receptor binding domain of COVID-19 virus spike protein

GLYCOSYLATION: Find the best recombinant Spike RBD proteins for your research

Find out how Bio-Techne uses direct fluorescent glycan labeling (DFGL) probing to discover major differences in the glycosylation of the SARS-CoV-2 Spike RBD protein expressed in four different key cell lines.


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High throughput silica membrane-based viral RNA extraction using positive pressure

VIRAL RNA: Automation for high-throughput purification

Meet the high demand for viral RNA isolation with Tecan's Resolvex A200 workstation, designed to handle 96 samples an hour with high-throughput extraction, rapid processing of silica membrane extraction plates under positive pressure and reduced hands-on time.


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Automated, high-throughput plasmid DNA isolation from bacteria cells

PLASMID DNA: Automated high-throughput isolation from pathogens

Isolating plasmid DNA is an essential technique that can prove challenging when high throughput is needed. Here, Analytik Jena shares an automated, multiwell-based extraction method for high-quality plasmid DNA isolation.


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Aberrant cytokine activity in the host immune response to COVID-19 leads to cytokine release syndrome

CYTOKINE RELEASE SYNDROME: An underlying factor of COVID-19 deaths

Discover how Bio-Plex Pro Cytokine Assays from Bio-Rad can help explore the link between cytokine release syndrome (CRS) and severe COVID-19 outcomes, including acute respiratory distress syndrome and death.


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Applying panel design principles to investigate COVID-19 immune response with the Cytek Aurora

IMMUNE RESPONSE: Why do symptoms vary so much?

Discover how researchers are creating a clearer picture of the COVID-19 immune response with the Cytek Aurora from Cytek Biosciences, capable of high-throughput and highly complex single-cell analysis.   


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PCR VS ANTIBODY TESTS: Handling COVID-19 samples safely

PCR VS ANTIBODY TESTS: Handling COVID-19 samples safely

Explore the difference between viral & antibody tests for COVID-19 detection, and learn about the pivotal role of biological safety cabinets for safe handling of biohazards, with this poster from Esco Technologies.


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Automated, high-throughput plasmid DNA isolation from bacteria cells

SPECTROSCOPY GOES VIRAL: Emerging tools for rapid trace-level detection

With viral detection increasingly important, Ocean Insight explores the cutting-edge optical sensing tools available for rapid viral screening for COVID-19 via Raman, PCR, and fluorescence techniques.


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Automated, high-throughput plasmid DNA isolation from bacteria cells

GENETIC VACCINES: Accelerating R&D with advanced analytics

COVID-19 has biopharma racing to develop and adapt vaccines, particularly in light of emerging strains. Learn how SCIEX has been enabling genetic vaccine research and development to meet these reduced timelines.


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