Editorial Article: Methods for mineral analysis: advanced spectrophotometric and spectroscopic

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10 Oct 2022

Naturally occurring minerals in the Earth’s crust contain unique chemical signatures, which can reveal detailed information about the history of their formation and geographic origins. Unlocking those mineral secrets requires advanced spectrophotometric and spectroscopic methods that enable analysts to determine the authenticity and geographic origins of the minerals.

methods for mineral analysis

This free eBook on methods for mineral analysis describes a range of analytical technologies designed to assess the properties and composition of various minerals, including the analysis of gemstones for the jewelry industry, as well as basic research into the mineralogy of both volcanic and metamorphic rocks.

Download this methods for mineral analysis eBook for case studies and resources on:

  • Spectrophotometric analysis of gemstones
  • X-ray analysis of precious stones
  • Elemental mapping
  • Electron probing of minerals in volcanic rocks

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