Editorial Article: Advances in clinical mass spectrometry: 6 key resources for lab managers

A collection of resources to help assist purchasing decisions

24 Nov 2022

clinical mass spectrometry
Explore our list of clinical mass spectrometry resources

What is clinical mass spectrometry?

Clinical mass spectrometry is a powerful analytic technique that enables scientists to determine the exact molecules present in a patient sample. The use of mass spectrometry for clinical applications is growing rapidly around the world – gradually replacing more traditional testing methods, such as the immunoassay, to achieve greater turnaround time, reduce costs, and to improve analytical sensitivity and selectivity of results1.

As clinical mass spectrometry becomes increasingly incorporated into routine clinical laboratory testing, we have collated a list of top resources, interviews and case studies to help guide your purchasing decisions.

1. Free eBook to download: Clinical LC-MS: Routine diagnostics made simple

Download this eBook, produced in collaboration with Waters, to understand the importance of liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) in the clinical diagnostics hospital laboratory. The eBook outlines the technology available to support you throughout the LC-MS workflow and provides real-world case studies from leading experts in clinical chemistry and pathology.

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2. Editorial article: Next generation mass spectrometry: The power of intelligent instruments

Read this interview with Dr. Shane Tichy, Associate Vide President of R&D MS Quadrupole Instrumentation at Agilent Technologies to learn about how instrument intelligence is making clinical mass spectrometry more accessible. 

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3. Editorial article: Clinical diagnostics: Empowering laboratory testing with ‘less intimidating’ mass spectrometry

In this interview, Dr. Victoria Zhang, Associate Professor at the University of Rochester Medical Centre, shares her vision of enhancing clinical diagnostics and reveals how clinical mass spectrometry is helping to achieve her goals. 

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4. Webinars: Global LC-MS/MS Clinical Laboratories Virtual Event 2021 (On-Demand)

Watch presentations from the 2021 Thermo Fisher Scientific LC-MS/MS virtual event on clinical mass spectrometry. Learn why LC-MS/MS is recognized as the gold standard technology for many applications, and how easy it can be to implement fully automated LC-MS/MS in a routine clinical laboratory workflow thanks to the first fully automated and regulatory compliant clinical analyzer, the Thermo Scientific™ Cascadion™ SM Clinical Analyzer.

Webinars from the day include: 

•    Reach new heights with LC-MS/MS technology: Making it accessible for every clinical laboratory
•    Reach new heights with Vitamin D assays: “Back to the future” with LC-MS/MS
•    Reach new heights with a comprehensive LC-MS workflow in your clinical lab

5. Editorial article: Dried blood spot sampling: Gain confidence in your diagnostic screening

Clinicians increasingly recognize the potential for application of dried blood spot quantification by clinical mass spectrometry and there is significant drive for the method to be incorporated into diagnostic screening workflows. In this editorial article we explore the challenges faced when incorporating dried blood spot analysis into routine diagnostics and how the RenataDXTM Screening System has been developed to overcome them.

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6. Video presentation: “I’ll Be Back” – The journey of the sample through an automated LC/MS workflow

Watch this presentation by Robert Wardle, Senior Scientist at Waters Corporation, titled: “I’ll Be Back” – The journey of the sample through an automated clinical mass spectrometry workflow. Understand the importance of automation, the LC-MS/MS workflows available, and the journey of a clinical patient sample through this workflow. This talk was presented at the SelectScience® Virtual Clinical Science Summit 2021.

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1. Clinical LC-MS routine diagnostics made simple