Editorial Article: 9 Top Technology News Stories from ASMS 2018

18 Jun 2018

SelectScience attended this year's American Society of Mass Spectrometry’s annual conference to bring you the latest news and advances in mass spectrometry.

The annual conference of the American Society of Mass Spectrometry is an annual highlight of learning and innovation, bringing together scientific and industry leaders from around the world. In this news roundup, learn about the top technology news stories from manufacturers at the show. This year's theme centered around innovations to remove pain points and improve throughput of analysis; why mass spectrometry is critical in precision medicine; the increasing demand for new methods in food analysis; and how artificial intelligence could be the final frontier.

Plus, don't miss our exclusive video interviews with scientific leaders coming very soon on our dedicated ASMS page.

  1. Bruker introduces the scimaXTM Magnetic Resonance Mass Spectrometer (MRMS) to deliver mass resolution exceeding twenty million (R > 20,000,000), in a smaller footprint and without the need for any liquid cryogens

  2. The new Thermo Scientific Q Exactive UHMR Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer is the first platform from Thermo Fisher Scientific to combine high-resolution, high-sensitivity, MS2 and pseudo-MS3 capabilities.

  3. Waters Unveils New Xevo TQ-GC mass spectrometer, GC-MS/MS system, and DART QDa with LiveID System for food testing

  4. New SCIEX OptiFlow™ Quant Solution offer highly sensitive microflow quantitation in peptides

  5. Agilent presents 'Innovation with Purpose' message and shares how the Ultivo technology is demonstrating sensitivity, robustness, reliability, and performance in large food analysis laboratories

  6. Peak Scientific presents the new GENIUS XE gas generator as ‘the most advanced laboratory nitrogen generator on the market’

  7. CEM Corporation introduces the new EDGE™ extraction system for rapid sample preparation of GC/LC samples, designed to prepare samples for molecular analysis in as little as 5 minutes with exceptional recovery and repeatability 

  8. Shimadzu's new Nexera Mikros Microflow LC-MS/MS System is designed to balance high sensitivity with ruggedness and elegance of design

  9. ACD/Labs presents Luminata software for lifecycle management in impurity development


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