Clinical Microbiology

Microbiology is the study of microorganisms including protists, prokaryotes, fungi, and, often, viruses. Microorganisms are a useful research tool as genetic vectors and, in immunology, for antibiotic susceptibility testing, cellular biology and genetics. Microorganisms commonly grow readily in incubators with microbial culture media; this can contain chromogenic supplements to differentiate between cell lines. Estimate your culture’s density of microorganisms with colony counters, or screen and select colonies for desirable clones with automated colony pickers. Additionally, equipment is available to monitor environments for the presence of microbes and identify with microbial identification instruments. Find the best microbiology products in our peer-reviewed product directory: compare products, check customer reviews and receive pricing direct from manufacturers.



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cdc25H Yeast Strain

Agilent Technologies

Product Image

cdc25H-alpha Yeast Strain

Agilent Technologies

Product Image

NM514 E. coli Strain

Agilent Technologies

Product Image

NM554 E. coli Strain

Agilent Technologies

Product Image

P2392 E. coli Strain

Agilent Technologies

Product Image

SCS-8E. coli Strain

Agilent Technologies

Product Image

SP-Q01 Yeast Strain

Agilent Technologies

Product Image

YRG-2 Yeast Strain

Agilent Technologies

Product Image


Agilent Technologies

Product Image

X-gal, Galactopyranoside

Agilent Technologies

Product Image

K6460S Clinical Edition TQ LC/MS System

Agilent Technologies

Product Image

Thermo Scientific™ RapidFinder™ Salmonella Species, Typhimurium and Enteritidis Multiplex PCR Kits

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Product Image

Microsart® Manifolds


Sartorius Group

Product Image

Nutrient Pad Sets (NPS)

Sartorius Group

Product Image

Biosart 100 Nutrient Media

Sartorius Group

Product Image

MD8 Airport

Sartorius Group

Product Image

Biosart® 100 Monitors

Sartorius Group

Product Image

Pickolo™ Colony-Picker


Product Image

Product Image

Virus Counter® 3100

Sartorius Group

Product Image

VACUSAFE - Vacuum Aspiration System


INTEGRA Biosciences

Product Image

Product Image

Product Image

Corning® 2 mL Assorted Colors Internal Threaded Polypropylene Cryogenic Vial, Self-Standing with Round Bottom


Corning Life Sciences

Product Image

PYREX® 20x125 mm Disposable Round Bottom Threaded Culture Tubes, Without Marking Spot or Caps, Bulk Pack


Corning Life Sciences