Automated Liquid Handling

Automated liquid handling equipment is used to mix, dilute and dispense allotted volumes of liquid into microplates and other vessels automatically. The robotic, liquid handling arms can dispense from single channel to 3456 multichannel as well as operate nanoliter dispensing, enabling high throughput of samples. Find the best automated liquid handlers in our peer-reviewed product directory: compare products, check customer reviews and receive pricing direct from manufacturers.



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Product Image

mosquito® HV

SPT Labtech

Product Image

flowbot™ ONE - Flexible Liquid Handling Robot

Flow Robotics

Product Image

Liquid Handling Station flow

BrandTech® Scientific, Inc.

Product Image

Liquid Handling Station

BrandTech® Scientific, Inc.

Product Image

QualAssure™ Solutions


Product Image

JANUS® G3 Primary Sample Reformatter

PerkinElmer, Inc.

Product Image

Chameleon - Automated Platesealing Station

kbiosystems Limited

Product Image

Tube Auditor™

Brooks Life Sciences

Product Image

I-DOT mini


Product Image



Product Image

The Phoenix Liquid Handling System

Art Robbins Instruments

Product Image

VERSA 10 Workstation

Aurora Instruments Ltd

Product Image

FMB210 - Fully automatic monobloc

Watson-Marlow Inc.