Life sciences round-up for 2019

Look back at some of the best life sciences content SelectScience has covered in 2019

24 Dec 2019
Charlie Carter
Associate Editor

It has been another exciting year for SelectScience, connecting with experts and scientists around the world to promote the latest innovations in the life sciences research community. From special features to expert webinars to video interviews, rediscover the best content 2019 had to offer.

January: Genes and rare disease

SelectScience started the year with a brand-new special feature: Gene Editing and CRISPR. Learn from the gene-editing experts and explore a range of content covering the trending topics in this cutting-edge field. Visit special feature>>

The Scientists’ Channel kicked off the year discovering how the rise of technology has brought a new field of pharmaceutical research: nanomaterials. Here, Thomas Loret discusses the implications and possible impacts on human health. Watch video>>

Mitochondrial disease
In this exclusive interview Debra Jones, technical manager at the Institute of Genetic Medicine, explores the advancements in research into rare mitochondrial diseases. Read full interview>>

February: Focus on cell biology

Cell biology SelectScience special feature - best of life sciences 2019

Cell Biology
February’s focus on cell biology: Learn about the newest developments in cell biology research, including label-free cell proliferation, morphology assays, and targeting angiogenesis. Visit special feature>>

Cell biology highlight
We spoke to Dr. Amy Butler, VP at Thermo Fisher Scientific, about innovations in cell biology technology and how TSF is enabling scientists to harness the power of cells to improve human health. Read full interview>>

SLAS 2019
At SLAS 2019, BioStatus became the third company ever to receive a platinum Seal of Quality award. The DRAQ5, a far-red fluorescent DNA dye for live or fixed cell analysis, was also the first consumable product to win a platinum award. Read article>>

March: Cancer and cell culture

Cell culture
March saw the release of Sartorius’ cell culture application eBook highlighting the most effective cell preparation steps and subsequent analysis. Download eBook>>

Pancreatic cancer
An interview with Dr. Pierre Cordelier, senior researcher at Toulouse Cancer Research Center, focused on his research into oncolytic viruses as a therapeutic option for advanced pancreatic cancer patients. Read full interview>>

Dr. Horacio Pappa and Dr. Alexander Schmidt presented a record-breaking SelectScience webinar discussing the key concepts of method lifecycle management, its benefits to drug manufacturers and patients, and the current thinking of the USP, FDA, and ICH. Watch webinar on-demand>>

April: Scientists' Choice Awards winners

Lindy O'Clair, Sartorius Group - Scientists' Choice Awards - best of life sciences 2019
Lindy O'Clair accepts Sartorius Groups' webinar award

3D cell culture
Discover the top cell imaging technology and analysis. Visit special feature>>

Flow cytometry
Find out how plate-based flow cytometry is advancing cancer biosimilar development through single-cell analysis. Read full interview>>

AACR 2019
The Life Sciences Scientists’ Choice Awards winners were announced at AACR 2019 with winners including Sartorius, Corning, INTEGRA, and Agilent. Read full show coverage>>

May: Screening and imaging

Francis Crick Institute interview
Dr. Kurt Anderson spoke with The Scientists’ Channel about how the Francis Crick Institute are using light microscopy technology to provide image analysis services for developmental biology and cancer research projects. Watch video>>

Genomic screening
SelectScience interviewed Travis Hardcastle, a CRIPSR technology expert from Horizon Discovery, about how these technologies can help design genomic screening studies for both resistance and drug sensitivity. Read full interview>>

Liquid handling
Discover how to use automated liquid handling platforms to enable high-throughput screening and reproducible results across a range of applications. Download eBook>>

June: Cellular imaging, assays, and media

Improve 3D imaging contrast and resolution - best of life sciences 2019
Cut through the haze in 3D imaging>>

3D imaging
Discover how technology from Leica Microsystems resolves longstanding issues with contrast when imaging thick sections. Read full interview>>

Cell-based assays
In this application eBook, in partnership with Bertin, learn how to verify optimal handling, determine cell health and integrity, and more accurately collect data. Download eBook>>

Culture media
Dr. Hagen Wieland offers interesting insight into his work developing unique culture solutions for cell-based assays, revealing how and why animal-based culture media can perturb genetic, epigenetic, and transcriptomic readouts. Read full interview>>

July: Therapeutics and pharmaceuticals

In this special feature, discover a range of new technologies and applications for biopharmaceutical development. Visit special feature>>

CAR-T cell therapy
In this exclusive eBook, we present key factors, important considerations, and optimized workflows to help guide you through CAR-T cell therapy discovery and development. Download eBook>>

Neuroimmunologist Dr. Timothy Hammond, from Boston Children’s Hospital, reveals how his research into microglial activation is revealing new avenues for therapeutic interventions for devastating neurological diseases. Read full interview>>

August: 3D cell culture and models

How to buy cell imaging technology ebook - best of life sciences 2019

Cell imaging
Find the key factors to consider when purchasing your cell imager, including equipment costs and the range of applications needed, starting from basic cell counts and confluence to automated cell-based assays and 3D cell culture. Download eBook>>

Find out how to overcome the challenges of using 3D models in chronic toxicity, long-term kinetic analyses, stem cell differentiation, and dosing studies in this application eBook. Plus, find robust workflows for high-throughput spheroid assembly and long-term quantitative analysis. Download eBook>>

Pioneering microbiome scientist Prof. Patrice Cani reveals how his work has unearthed some of the most groundbreaking discoveries in the world of gut microbes, and how they influence human physiology. Read full interview>>

September: Disordered proteins and NMR

Max Planck Institute interview
Professor Christian Griesinger, Head of NMR-Based Structural Biology at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, talk to The Scientists’ Channel about his work using ultra-high field NMR to investigate intrinsically disordered proteins. Watch video>>

Discover qPCR applications for microbial detection and show how cutting-edge technologies, such as the Microsart® microbial detection kits from Sartorius, help to deliver smarter tools for microbiological quality control. Download eBook>>

Single-cell analysis
Find out how to optimize sample preparation and obtain quality data from a multiplexed, single-cell sequencing assays in this expert webinar from 10x Genomics and Sony Biotechnology. Watch webinar on-demand>>

October: NMR on The Scientists' Channel

Cell-based assays SelectScience special feature - best of life sciences 2019

Cell-based assays
From rapid multiplexed analysis, 3D organoid imaging software, to automated plate processing, discover the top technologies, techniques and best practices for cell-based assay research. Visit special feature>>

NMR was the highlight for The Scientists’ Channel in October: The NMR channel spoke with several leading scientists about how they use NMR to advance their research, from studying the function of intrinsically disordered proteins to the structure of HIV with atomic resolution. Watch video>>

Learn more about cryo-electron microscopy, the technique revolutionizing structure-based drug discovery, and see how state-of-the-art microscopes, such as the Krios G4 cryo-TEM from Thermo Fisher Scientific, help to keep leaders in the pharmaceutical industry at the forefront of drug discovery. Download eBook>>

November: New in neuroscience

Neuroscience 2019
Check out some of our favorite interviews from the Neuroscience 2019 annual meeting in Chicago. See show coverage>>

Protein biology
From optimized sample prep, imaging, and analysis, to mapping the entire human proteome, discover the latest technologies, top tips, and best practices for protein biology research. Visit special feature>>

Antibody-based oncotherapy
Look at the successful discovery and development methods for monoclonal antibody-based treatments for cancer, which take advantage of cutting-edge technologies to enable rapid identification and characterization of candidate molecules with superior target reactivity and optimized functionality. Download eBook>>

December: Biomarkers and the microbiome

Dr. Sofia Forslund - best of life sciences 2019
Dr. Sofia Forslund, ECRC

Dr. Sofia Forslund, junior group leader at ECRC (MDC/Charité, Berlin), discusses her research into the relationship between the human microbiome and common cardiovascular diseases. Watch video>>

We looked at some of the latest technologies, including multiplex assays, ELISA, immunofluorescence imaging, liquid chromatography, and proteomic and genomic approaches, and speak to the researchers advancing this field. Visit special feature>>

Animal immunotherapy
Ferris El-tayyeb, associate researcher at Torigen Pharmaceuticals, discusses the team’s research on the development of personalized immunotherapies for animals. Read full interview>>

Happy Holidays from all at SelectScience — here’s to a great 2020 for life sciences!

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