ibidi launch µ-Slide 8 Well <sup>high</sup>

26 Jan 2021
Meg Hicks
Student / Graduate

ibidi’s all-in-one 8 Well chamber slide now has extra high, individual walls to keep cross contamination between wells as low as possible when performing high-resolution, cost-effective cell culture experiments.

With its thin ibidi Polymer Coverslip Bottom, the µ-Slide 8 Well high allows for excellent cell adhesion onto the tissue culture-treated surface. In addition, it has the highest optical quality and is ideally suited for a variety of microscopic techniques, such as widefield fluorescence, confocal microscopy, and DIC.

For scientists who perform special microscopic applications, such as TIRF and super-resolution microscopy, ibidi has created the µ-Slide 8 Well high Glass Bottom with a #1.5H D 263 M Schott glass. It is also available as a sticky-Slide 8 Well high without any bottom, which enables the researcher to mount any chosen substrate.

The entire µ-Slide 8 Well high family is ideal for experiments with small cell numbers and low reagent volumes. The spaces between the individual well walls minimize any well-to-well crosstalk and contamination. Scientists who would like to test one of the µ-Slide 8 Well high variations with their own experiments can request free samples at ibidi.com

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