ELRIG UK establishes Innovation Work Group to support new businesses

Group aims to support start-up businesses while expanding the ELRIG community

21 Feb 2024
Jessica Calvey
Product and Reviews Admin Assistant
Del Trezise, ELRIG Board Member, consultant, and technology scout, Sartorius AG

The European Laboratory Research & Innovation Group (ELRIG) UK has formalised its Innovation Work Group, which has been in planning stages since 2023.

The Group aims to extend access to high-quality life sciences and drug discovery across a more diverse and inclusive network by better supporting new start-ups and early-stage businesses that need an inroad and a platform to contribute and grow.

Its objectives will align ELRIG’s ethos of accessibility to all and the promotion of engagement and collaboration, by minimizing barriers to invaluable event participation and networking for emerging innovators and thought leaders, while ensuring the needs of all community members are considered and their perspectives are represented.

The Innovation Work Group is chaired by Del Trezise, ELRIG Board Member, consultant, and technology scout, Sartorius AG. Treszie said, “High innovation early stage companies are critical contributors to the drug discovery ecosystem – it is a great privilege and exciting endeavour for the Work Group to shape the way that ELRIG and our partners support this community.”

The debut initiative of the Group will be the launch of a TechBio Breakthrough Zone (TBBZ) at the upcoming Research & Innovation 2024: Accelerating Future Drug Discovery meeting, on March 20–21, at the University of Manchester, UK. Participants in the TBBZ will be given a tabletop stand which can be scientific, promotional or a combination of both, where they can deliver flash presentations to stand visitors, while also taking full advantage of all the meeting sessions they wish to attend.

In addition, the Innovation Competition represents an opportunity for participants to demonstrate their expertise, highlight their potential and establish their brand presence in the sector. Entrants must submit an application form with an abstract describing their innovation in 300 words by Friday, March 01. The winner will be informed by Friday, March 08, allowing time for them to prepare and deliver a ten-minute presentation in the auditorium on March 21 after the keynote speaker.

Looking further forward to the Drug Discovery 2024 conference (London, UK on October 2–3), there will be an enhanced programme, the TBBZ will have more space, and will have a dedicated theatre programme allowing TBBZ participants to present and to learn from entrepreneurs and support agencies in life sciences.

“Driven by our ethos of open access for all levels of the life sciences and drug discovery communities, we want to offer dedicated spaces where these entrepreneurial action takers and go-getters can introduce themselves and make keys contacts, at an accessible price point that isn’t out of reach for newly formed businesses,” explained Sanj Kumar, CEO of ELRIG. “With the inclusion of market-leading educational content, flash presentations and innovation prizes, we aim to help these businesses to scale up, realise their full potential, and contribute to current and future scientific and technological innovations through the Innovation Work Group.”