Cell culture: New resource covers essential tips for safe and effective lab setup

Your essential guide to biosafety cabinets, incubators, freezers and centrifuges

8 Jan 2020
Sarah Thomas
Associate Editor
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A new SelectScience application compendium, produced in partnership with NuAire, Inc., provides important solutions for setting up and maintaining core equipment for the cell culture laboratory.

The basic setup for a cell culture laboratory consists of several core pieces of equipment which play a vital role in maintaining the appropriate environmental conditions, storing and preparing samples and, crucially, preventing contamination of cell cultures, as well as the safety of laboratory staff.

The new SelectScience resource covers important considerations for your lab setup that will help you to achieve effective cell culture, and includes extensive guides for understanding your requirements in a biosafety cabinet and CO2 incubator, as well as tips to maintain the performance of your ULT freezer and centrifuge.

Plus, explore some of the latest solutions in equipment for the cell culture laboratory:

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