8 drug discovery lab solutions reviewed by our scientists

We’ve highlighted lab product reviews of drug discovery lab solutions that could benefit your workflows and research

14 Nov 2022
Ellen Simms
Product and Reviews Editor
drug discovery lab solutions

Choosing the right lab equipment can be a complex decision. That’s why SelectScience® lab product reviews can be a valuable tool, enabling you to make an informed choice and hear what other scientists have working in drug discovery have to say.

We’ve pulled together some reviews on drug discovery lab solutions, that could benefit your laboratory’s workflows. From sample preparation to formulation and assay development, find out what kind of experiences other lab manager, researchers and laboratory technicians have had with these products.

CLARIOstar® Plus Multi-mode Microplate Reader by BMG LABTECH

"I couldn’t have completed my experiments without the CLARIOStar. The machine is super easy to use and provides highly sensitive, repeatable data." Matthew Hein, La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science.

Read more reviews Leave a review BioAccord LC-MS System by Waters

"This product greatly simplifies complex MS analyses for the user. It is a robust and reliable system which allows the user to focus on the analysis of the high-quality data it generates." Andres Galindo Garcia, The University of Manchester.

Read more reviews Leave a review Uncle by Unchained Labs

"This instrument is very useful for quick formulation screening. The operation software is easy to use, the vendor training and service is professional. We have been using it for many of our product formulation study and the results are very good.” Ming Li, askgene.

Read more reviews Leave a review GrowDex® syringe 5ml by UPM Biomedicals

"The matrix is easy to use, and easier to dissolve after use which is always a big plus for downstream analysis. We have made some interesting findings, as well, so of course that is one reason we're happy to have used this matrix." Rita Turpin, University of Helsinki.

Read more reviews Leave a review Patchliner by Nanion Technologies

“The patch liner is robust, reliable, and flexible. However, great equipment is nothing without support. We have received high-quality remote technical assistance that has solved all the small issues inherent to a new setup in a different lab and, most importantly, specific, high-quality scientific advice on which cells to use... read more.Francesc Sureda, Universitat Rovira i Virgili.

Read more reviews Leave a review Clonal Genes by Twist Bioscience

"They have a variety of plasmids to choose from which saves steps for downstream processing. The software for optimizing the sequence is very intuitive and has a lot of checks built in that help you catch errors in your sequence. I almost forgot to add ATG to my protein! Luckily the software caught it for m-e. I was able to optimize codons for my model organism which is a great feature.” Franco Tavella, University of Michigan.

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Precellys® Evolution - Tissue Homogenizer by Bertin Instruments "Our lab loves the Precellys. It's super easy to use and gets the job done quickly and effectively." Rachael Bradley, University of California. Read more reviews   Leave a review dragonfly® discovery by SPT Labtech "Great product with a broad range of applications. Great R+D instrument, used for assay development. Support and service from SPT Labtech is excellent!" Scott Thurston, Wellcome Sanger Institute. Read more reviews   Leave a review   Your knowledge helps other scientists   Your expert opinions on drug discovery lab solutions can help other scientists identify the right products to accelerate scientific progress, and that benefits us all. Do you use any of the lab products featured in this article? Leave a review today and share your experiences.
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