Application Note: Simplify Complex Pathway Dissection by Combining the Power of HTRF® Cellular Phospho-Assays and the Flexibility of the CyBi®-FeliX Liquid Handling System
20 October 2014

Exploring the regulatory networks within the cell is the basis of understanding drug actions in disease and for finding appropriate therapies. Smart tools that facilitate pathway profiling and target de-convolution are the key to success in phenotypic and target-based approaches in drug discovery. This application note demonstrates the parallel implementation of several HTRF® cellular phospho-protein assays on the CyBi-FeliX liquid handling platform. The CyBi-FeliX with its 12 deck positions on two levels was used as a standalone fully automated system to perform all HTRF®-assay specific liquid handling tasks with one pipetting head. The study shows how easy it is to analyze the mechanisms of actions of drugs with HTRF® cellular phosphor-assays implemented on the compact and flexible CyBi-FeliX pipettor.