Application Note: Sample Preparation for High-Throughput Live Cell Imaging Using Thermo Scientific Wellwash Versa
23 November 2012

Cell-based assays using high-content analysis and high-throughput screening may require multiple wash steps and incubation of reagents. These steps can be extremely laborious when performed manually, thus it is preferable to automate these steps with a microplate washer. While using a microplate washer on fixed cells is generally straightforward, it can be quite problematic when working with live cells, especially for some loosely adherent cells. In this application note, the Thermo Scientific Wellwash® Versa, a microplate washer specifically designed for working with cells, was shown to be gentle enough for washing rat cerebellar granule neurons, which have a complex and fragile structure. Several tips for the creation and optimization of protocols for the Wellwash Versa are also presented in this note.