Application Note: Real-Time Authentication of Food and Beverages Using DART QDa LiveID Analysis
5 June 2018

Here Waters Corporation investigates the potential for Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART) coupled with QDa mass detection and LiveID Software for the rapid screening of high-value food and beverage samples with minimal sample preparation. Chemometric models for product verification have been generated using authentic reference samples of premium whiskey, palm oils,  and ground cinnamon and cassia.

•    Rapid, sample-preparation-free solution for informed and immediate decision making.
•    Small, easy-to-use direct ionization MS providing an end-to-end workflow.
•    Answer questions such as: Is the sample authentic? Has the composition changed? Is the sample of good or bad quality?
•     LiveID Software enables real-time classification of samples. The output is a simple to interpret yes/no answer.