Application Note: Rapid and Sensitive Analysis of a 93-Compound Forensic Panel in Urine using the QTRAP/Triple Quad 4500 LC-MS/MS System
22 August 2017

This technical note describes a rapid and sensitive analysis of a comprehensive panel of forensic compounds in human urine using the ExionLCTM AC HPLC system and the QTRAP®/Triple Quad™ 4500 LC-MS/MS system. This forensic panel contains 93 compounds, and a total of 212 MRM transitions (including internal standards) are monitored. Some compounds ionize preferentially in positive mode, while others ionize preferentially in negative mode; therefore this method takes advantage of rapid polarity switching. The total LC runtime is 6.5 minutes, which can be further accelerated for a smaller panel of compounds. Sample preparation is based on enzymatic hydrolysis and a simple “dilute and shoot” methodology.