Application Note: Direct Determination of Ultratrace Elements in Semiconductor Grade Hydrofluoric Acid (48%) using the Thermo Scientific iCAP Qs ICP-M
6 January 2016

This application note details the use of Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ Qs ICP-MS, in a single cold plasma measurement mode, for the direct trace metal analysis of 48% semiconductor grade Hydrofluoric acid (HF).  Semiconductor process chemicals with ultratrace metal content are required in order to minimize production losses due to reduced performance or defects. HF, for example, is routinely used as a wet chemical etchant to remove silicon dioxide layers in semiconductor devices. Routine, automated quantification of ng·L-1 level metal contaminants in HF is therefore required in order to maintain end product quality. The Thermo Scientific iCAP Qs ICP-MS has been shown to offer the high sensitivity and freedom from contamination and interference required for the direct determination of ultratrace metal concentrations in semiconductor grade 48% HF.