Application Note: A Robust TD–GC–MS Method for the Determination of Trace-Level Phthalate Esters in Air
26 July 2018

This study describes the performance of Markes’ thermal desorption (TD) systems for the GC–MS analysis of trace-level phthalates in air. It discusses the advantages of thermal desorption compared to conventional air monitoring methods for semi-volatiles, and show how Markes’ innovative sample re-collection functionality facilitates TD method development by validating quantitative recovery of these challenging analytes all the way through the TD system. They also show excellent analytical precision, with RSDs <5% for all compounds, and discuss an independent field investigation of phthalate levels in urban air in Belgium, which reported very high linearities (R2 ≥0.998), and limits of detection <0.23 ng/m3.