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Application Note: Water and fat-soluble vitamin separations using the HALO C18 and AQ-C18 phases
18 May 2023

In this application note, Advanced Materials Technology presents experimental data on water and fat-soluble vitamin separations using the HALO® C18 and AQ-C18 phases. Vitamin deficiencies can come in multiple forms. Some medical illnesses, such as kidney disease, Crohn's disease, and liver disease can make it difficult to properly absorb the necessary vitamins. To confirm that someone has one of these deficiencies, a blood sample is taken to test the vitamin levels in their system. This is where HPLC and LCMS are employed. The samples analyzed on an HPLC or LCMS system must have adequate resolution of the various vitamins as well as any vitamers or metabolites. These water- and fat-soluble vitamins can be difficult to separate without a robust method and column.