Application eBook: Using flow cytometry to enhance antibody discovery and characterization
22 November 2022

Antibody based biotherapeutics have revolutionized the development of novel treatments, particularly in cancer. Antibody characterization is an essential step in the antibody discovery and screening workflow, contributing to the understanding of the components and functions of an antibody to move toward quality therapeutic development.

Flow cytometry is an incredibly useful technology used in antibody discovery and characterization. Specifically, high-throughput flow cytometry can provide required information in timescales appropriate for efficient antibody evaluation.

This eBook will highlight some key applications for high-throughput flow cytometry in the profiling of antibodies for therapeutic benefit. In particular, the methods shown will demonstrate the function and benefits of the iQue® advanced flow cytometry platform.

Topics covered include utilizing high-throughput flow cytometry for:

  • Accelerating antibody screening and characterization
  • High throughput, multi-parametric analysis
  • Fast and full-scale multipass membrane antibody optimization
  • Visualization and quantification of phagocytosis
  • Evaluating NK cell killing