Application Note: Single-cell dispensing and screening of cell lines for monoclonality verification using the impedance-based single-cell dispenser and high-throughput fluorescence-based imager
2 March 2023

There is an unmet need in the industry for a device that allows the fast and efficient isolation of single cells while preserving their integrity and providing insurance for their clonality. Performing gene editing, single-cell dispensing, and screening to develop a stable monoclonal cell line is a long and labor-intensive process. The optimization of these steps through different approaches, such as high-throughput screening and/or automation, can increase the efficiency and yield of the monoclonal cell-line development process. In this combined application note, Molecular Devices shows the impedance-based single-cell dispenser and automated fluorescence-based high-throughput imaging screening to obtain monoclonal cell lines through robust single-cell selection.