Application Note: Quantification of Cy3/Cy5 Labeled RNA and ssDNA
3 January 2018

This application note describes the use the RNA Cy3/ Cy5 and ssDNA Cy3/Cy5 applications on the Lunatic systems. These Unmix applications are used to analyze the UV/Vis spectral shape of the sample to isolate the fraction of the molecule of interest from co-absorbing entities contributing to the total UV/Vis absorption spectrum. These Cy3/Cy5 Unmix apps isolate the RNA or ssDNA profile as well as specific Cy3 and Cy5 profiles from the measured UV/Vis spectrum, thereby distinguishing them from other absorbing sample contaminants, determining both the concentration of the nucleic acids as well as the amount of dye present, and calculating the degree of labeling (DoL).