Application Note: Quality analysis using the Agilent ProteoAnalyzer system and SDS-PAGE
29 February 2024

Quality control provides valuable information about the integrity of samples such as proteins before use in assays, experiments, or product release. In this application note, learn more about the Agilent ProteoAnalyzer system, a parallel capillary electrophoresis instrument that automates the capillary electrophoresis-sodium dodecyl sulfate (CE-SDS) analysis of reduced and non-reduced protein samples including monoclonal antibodies, biosimilars, crude lysates, and protein purification fractions. Able to separate 12 samples in as little as 30 minutes, this system is designed to eliminate the laborious process of SDS-PAGE gel preparation, staining/destaining, and analysis. Streamlined sample preparation and intuitive software simplifies protein analysis workflows, making it easier to analyze the size and purity of the protein of interest.