Application eBook: Lab equipment essentials for successful cell line development
28 September 2023

Preview of the lab equipment essentials for cell line development eBook

Successful commercialization of a biopharmaceutical product is dependent upon an effective, high-quality cell line development process. While high throughput analytical instruments often take center stage, everyday lab essentials also play a critical role in creating the stable, high-producer cell lines needed for commercial manufacturing.

This guide will introduce you to lab essentials designed to help streamline routine cell line development tasks. Learn how to achieve more accurate results, avoid contamination, and simplify workflows with reliable and easy-to-use products.

Download this eBook to discover solutions for:

  • Cell culture preparation for best cell health
  • Rapid cell culture harvest
  • Optimized concentration/diafiltration
  • Fast target purification
  • One-step particle removal/ sterile filtration