Application Note: Investigating the Hallmarks of Cancer using xCELLigence Real-Time Cell Analysis
6 April 2017

Early hopes of finding a therapeutic “magic bullet” capable of eradicating all types of cancer were progressively replaced with the realization that cancer consists of >100 distinct diseases that manifest in ~200 cell types with diverse genetic/mutational etiologies, each requiring a unique approach. Much of what has been learned about the hallmarks of cancer has come through in vitro cell biology research. However, the utility of many traditional and current cell-based assays is diminished by: (1) the need to use labels, (2) incompatibility with continuous monitoring (i.e. only end point data is produced), (3) incompatibility with orthogonal assays, and (4) the inability to provide an objective/quantitative readout. This brochure demonstrates how ACEA’s cellular impedance-monitoring xCELLigence® RTCA DP instrument can be used for cell-based assays investigating each and every hallmark of cancer.