Application Note: Correlate NGS success with sample input quality
2 April 2024

Quality control (QC) steps in any workflow help distinguish between high- and low-quality samples. Knowing the quality of a sample can be extremely beneficial for most workflows, including next-generation sequencing (NGS), which requires high-quality samples to perform optimally. The Agilent TapeStation systems are automated electrophoresis instruments that provide objective analysis of nucleic acid samples. The TapeStation system uses the Agilent Genomic DNA ScreenTape assay to assess the sample size and concentration of input genomic DNA (gDNA) and generates a DNA quality metric called the DNA Integrity Number (DIN). Explore how the DIN can be used to differentiate between samples of different quality. Further, by defining the quality of each input gDNA sample, users can define a threshold to determine if the sample is fit for NGS or not. By incorporating a DIN threshold into the sequencing preparation workflow, the process can be streamlined, saving time and costs.