Infographic: Cas9 plasmids vs proteins for CRISPR gene editing experiments
9 January 2023

CRISPR-Cas9 systems provide a platform for direct and high-efficiency modification of genomic DNA. However, the delivery of Cas9 and synthesis of guide RNA (gRNA) remain limiting factors in the gene editing workflow.

Cas9 proteins are gaining popularity due to their promising predictability, efficiency, and robustness in delivery and editing, along with overall ease of use and time savings.

In this infographic, we outline how your CRISPR gene editing experiments can benefit from Cas9 proteins, including:

  1. A comparison of the Cas9 plasmid vs protein workflows
  2. The 5 key benefits of using Cas9 proteins>
  3. A suite of next-generation Cas9 protein products >

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