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Scientific Poster: MagicPrep NGS automated library preparation for sequencing on the Singular Genomics G4TM platform
9 March 2023

Routine manual preparation of genomic libraries is a process that consumes between ~5 to ~7.5 hours prior to sequencing. In this poster, learn about MagicPrep NGS, a hands-free, walkaway solution for saving time by automating the preparation of both DNA and RNA libraries. Explore how generated libraries are readily sequenced on Illumina platforms. However, these libraries can be directly converted, to G4-read samples through PCR of the Singular Genomics adapters. This poster compares libraries generated from MagicPrep NGS on the Illumina MiniSeqplatform against the Singular Genomics G4 Platform. The sequencing results delivered by the G4 platform are comparable to the MiniSeq reads across all metrics, highlighting the potential for automated Singular Genomics library preparation with MagicPrep NGS.