Application eBook: Guide to novel approaches in spatial biology: Gain deeper insights into tissue heterogeneity
16 January 2023

Spatial biology techniques are expanding our understanding of biological architecture with ever greater resolution in the context of tissue microenvironment. Next-generation molecular profiling solutions for the analysis of spatial gene expression look set to be game-changers, allowing us, for example, to classify tissue based on total mRNA, and enabling advances in spatially resolved gene expression that tell us where in a cell that expression is changing.  

In this eBook, learn how coupling single-cell approaches with new spatial analyses of gene expression is enabling researchers to see biology in new ways through significant shifts in spatial resolution and scale, whether for cancer cell profiling or greater basic understanding in neuroscience. 

Download the eBook to learn how the latest spatial biology profiling platforms from 10x Genomics can be used to resolve cancer tissue types and brain architecture in normal and diseased states, including case studies of the following tissue types: 

  • FFPE prostate cancer tumor samples 
  • Triple negative breast cancer 
  • Human squamous cell carcinoma 
  • Brain architecture  
  • Alzheimer’s disease markers