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Application Note: Best cleaning practices for Cubis ll Ultra-High Resolution Balances
6 December 2023

With laboratory balances, the higher the resolution of the balance, the greater is the risk of compromised weighing accuracy due to contamination from small amounts of leftover residues. This can directly impact the outcome of weighing results and the quality of samples. In this application note, Sartorius details important considerations on how to manage contamination of its Balances. In the new generation of Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution Balances, hardware technology and software design were optimized which makes the cleaning process easier, safer and more efficient. The Cleaning Application, integrated into every Cubis II MCA Ultra-High Resolution Balance, provides guidance for an intuitive and efficient cleaning process. Two types of cleaning procedures, for regular daily cleaning and scheduled deep cleaning, are offered to address different user needs. Daily cleaning is recommended to prevent sample traces, ensuring accuracy and avoiding contamination.