Application Note: AccQ-Tag ultra amino acid analysis kit as a solution for AOAC official method 2018.06
6 December 2023

Amino acid analysis is an important assay that finds many applications in a wide range of areas, including food manufacturing, nutritional research, protein identification, clinical diagnosing, and monitoring. Food product QA/QC and nutritional labeling compliance routinely involve amino acid analysis. The scientists at Nestlé Research have pioneered the standardization of this analysis technique for infant formula and adult nutritional products. They developed a standard method that recently obtained Final Action status from AOAC International (AOAC Official Method 2018.06 total amino acids in infant formulas and adult nutritionals UHPLC-UV). Several Waters systems, kits, and reagents have been used in the development of this standard method.

In this Q&A document from Waters Corporation, Dr. Christophe Fuerer, a scientist at Nestlé Research who was behind the effort, discusses the importance and impact of this new international standard.