Three new IR accessories unveiled at Pittcon 2020 to meet industry needs

24 March 2020

In its 50th year, we hear about Specac's three latest IR sampling accessories. In a video filmed at Pittcon 2020, business development manager Jeff D'Agostino showcases the new Arrow™, a silicon ATR consumable technology designed for the Quest ATR accessory, which enables rapid assessment of a range of liquid analytes and is designed for use in the fields of forensics, paints, adhesives, as well as the oil and food industries. He also gives the lowdown on a space-saving software-based USB High Temperature Golden Gate®  temperature controller with graphic interface and talks through the various applications of the high-throughput Atmos gas cell line, such as toxic combustion gases, VOCs, greenhouse gases, emissions and more. 

This interview was filmed at Pittcon 2020 - watch other highlights from the show here >>