PolyScience: "We messed up"

6 March 2024

Now we are here to fess up to our mistake. You see, when we manufacture any of the PolyScience award-winning line of chillers, we make them as good as we possibly can. They are built to last a long time. Like really long.

Don't take it from us, check out what Aaron Kern from Kern Lasers has to say about the chiller that has been running in their "Lifetime room," since 2008! The same chiller!

Sure you can go overseas and buy a cheaper chiller, but how long will that last you, and how many will you have to buy over and over and over again, Our chillers aren't the cheapest, but they are Made in America, and made to last and perform, every time you need it... For a long time.

So if you buy one of our chillers, it may be a while, like a long time before you need another one. But rest assured, we're here and ready when the time comes to buy a chiller... Innovating, building, and changing the world of chillers.